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Walking From Najaf to Kerbala In Arbae’en (Guide)

Things You Need to Know When You Start Walking From Najaf to Kerbala This Arbae’en (Guide)

The blessed Zaireen who have witnessed the spiritual glory of the heavenly walk; ‘The Walk from Najaf to Kerbala’ are, at times, unable to fully interpret their experienced during this journey. It is 1439 Hijri, and Zaireen from all over the world will gather in Najaf, yet again this year, and march towards Kerbala. If are you planning to join this walk during Arbae’en, or are simply looking for guidance and information about this Sacred Event- the following points will guide you through some of the important aspects of this holy walk…

Quick Facts And Tips:-

  • For the convenience of Zaireens, western toilets are set up by Mawakibs. However, permanent western toilets are only available at specific poles.
  • Public transport is available throughout the journey for those who need assistance.
  • Zaireens over 10 (men and women) can easily complete the entire walk on the 3rd
  • Cellular signals do not operate well during the day due to heavy traffic. The ideal time to get in touch with someone is before Fajr.
  • You’ll find open Wi-Fi connections and hotspots after every 100 poles, but might prove to be unreliable as your primary means of communication.

Things You Need To Carry!

  • A gentle cream for skin rashes is a necessity. As an alternate, you can sprinkle corn flour over the rashes to heal your skin naturally. You can even apply it in advance as a precautionary measure.
  • A convenient sized Quran or any book of Dua’s
  • Passports and Qaafla I.D. cards
  • Mobile phone charger
  • First-aid box with necessary medicines

What You Should Avoid

  • Over-packing your bag with cold weather apparels
  • Food and drink in excessive amounts
  • Heavy handbags or shopping bags

Where Should You Stay During The Walk

1st Night: Experienced Zaireen say that spending your first night in a Moukkab anywhere between Poles #350 to Pole#500 is highly recommended and practiced. Numbered poles are a great advantage during this walk, so if need be, pause only once you reach the next pole.

2nd Night: Stay in any Moukkab that you find between Poles #900 – 1100.

Here’s a tip: Do not exhaust your body by pushing it to the limit. Make sure to reunite with your family or friends after every 100 poles. It is best to take a small break at a comfortable place for 30 minutes to rest your body.

When Is the Best Time To Begin Your Walk?

The ideal time to commence your walk is after Namaz-E-Shab (Tahaj’jud). It is when your body is at its most optimal efficiency. You will also find the least amount of traffic at this hour, and can easily walk at your preferred pace.

When Should You Stop Walking?

The best time to end your journey for the day and enter any Moukkab is about an hour before Maghrib. Most Zaireen will do the same around this time and its best to find a spot for your convenience.

Extra Care is Necessary for Seniors and Zaireen Carrying Children

You will see Zaireen of all ages during your journey. It is imperative to be watchful and helpful towards your fellow Zaireen especially if they are accompanied by young children and/or seniors- as they might need assistance. This is the tradition carried forward by Imam Hussain A.S as he was accompanied by women and children of all ages during his walk from Najaf to Kerbara.

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When Is the Best time To Take Rest?

The best time to take a break is between 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. due to the excessive heat and harsh climate throughout the day.

What You Shouldn’t Forget? Very Important***

Write the name & address of your hotel in Kerbala in a notebook or smartphone so you have this information readily on you.

Important Phone Numbers You Should Have With You At All Times!

Dial 104 for emergency situations | Dial 0780 13 00 561 for information about missing person | Dial 0781 46 51 353 for any religious information you are unaware of | Dial 0780 10 04 758 to talk to one of the representatives from the Central Office.


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